A kind reminder

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Wisdom in Rain

I’m very please at my recent deletion from all social networking sites. But I’d like to just make a gentle reminder.

If ever I lose my stress all night because of Whatsapp messages containing vulgarities such as “Come on bitch are you scared”,

If ever I try to ignore you and Facebook becomes your battlefield with numerous Facebook posts calling me bitch in plain sight of everybody, to get my attention, and you will not remove it unless I talk to you,

If ever my friends try to protect me from abuse because what graffiti on my wall is supposed to be erased, and you employ your own reasons to justify how it is right to attack someone’s Facebook wall just so they will entertain yo.,

If ever I am forced to listen to you or call you when you’re angry or I am,

If ever I see any threats or blackmail or “Be very afraid” or anything at all cursing me or my boyfriend to fiery hell,

Then I will take action. Thanks. I hope this line is never crossed.


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