Spatial Dyslexia?

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Even with well rehearsed long journeys, I seem unable to “hold” the entire journey in my head. I experience what can only be described as a series of “sequences” which, in the correct order, “become revealed” as I progress through the journey.


Read this on a forum and copied it here. I can seriously relate to it.

I am hopeless at roads and directions. It’s not even just a funny aspect of me, but it is a serious handicap of my life. I don’t even know how to get back home from work. Or school. I can’t envision the roads, the intersections which lie in front of me. People would ask me , “where does this road turn to?” and I wouldn’t know until they turn into it and after a while I get a dim recollection, “Oh it leads to my house!” I only know where I am when I’ve been there for a while, I can’t picture what is ahead.

It’s not even funny. Finding myself in an utterly unfamiliar part of town, unable to get home. Not knowing what this road is when I’ve been on it 6 days a week for all my life. I am clueless in directions to the point I get lost in college, in school, at least for a while. But I can’t SEE routes.

I don’t know what it is. I’ve tried memorising maps, paying absolute focus when Dad drives me. But I can’t seem to recall what lies ahead of this road, and when I recall it is too late, we have missed the turning. Sometimes I really hate myself. I just CAN’T do it. I know how dyslexic people feel, or people who don’t GET maths, because I don’t GET directions. Poor spatial memory? I don’t know. It’s strange that I have a good memory but I can’t remember directions that is all.



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