Happy New Year anyways

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Daily Rain

Hello! I’m here now to rant on how much I dislike my body.

I’ve never particularly liked my body. Stumpy legs, no boobs, prominent ribs. These days I’m trying to gorge more on food to gain weight because I can’t stand how hard it is to shop anymore. Everything that I like, everything that I want to wear is almost impossible to find, because it’s just too big and I’m just too petite and small and it hangs loose on me. Nothing fits me, and I’m tired of it. I wear a size 3 shoe, and that can’t be changed. But I just want to gain some weight so I can finally fit into some nice dresses, finally be able to wear bangles and bracelets, finally wear rings without them falling off. Finally able to wear stuff without gaping backs or gaping sleeves and wear low cut stuff without showing the world every single detail of my every collarbone and ribs. (And not even a smidgen of cleavage fml)

I have a small frame yes, but I have no “meat”. I’m just a skeleton, and I’m bony. I am gaining weight in the legs and tummy currently, hoping to gain some in my upper body soon.

But anyways, to follow up with my title:

Happy new year 🙂

Thanks to 2012, for letting me meet him.

Thanks that I learned so much and earned some money.

Thanks that I got my phone and it had no problems (whew).

Thanks that the world didn’t end.

Hoping 2013 will bring greater things for me 🙂


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