DIY Furry Leopard Print (Any Print!) Phone Case

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Daily Rain

Today I’m going to be blogging about a short DIY project I undertook this morning 😀

Things you’ll need:

A furry sticker


A phone case you don’t like or wanna revamp
 photo 4F577219-4F50-460E-AA24-5970CA8ECDA3-4857-000002256F8E0FC8_zps2c1e3d26.jpg
 photo 29D878AB-3868-4CA8-896C-36C2137FD2B6-4857-0000022573B4E62F_zpsa7d579b0.jpg

The shop I went to had a ton of choices! I liked the one with hearts, but Mom said it was too childish LOL.

Anyways I chose this classy print of a panther?leopard?jaguar?

 photo AA25DD94-60C3-4F18-928E-87AB1F4CCB98-4857-00000225859FCC8E_zps5817b915.jpg

This is a plain Eggshell phone case that I thought I’d revamp 🙂

 photo D61DB342-DB5E-469F-8E13-2D04FB18E15F-4857-0000022579CE3E8C_zps9b84eaa6.jpg 


 photo 119CFCB9-DF04-41BF-AE5E-89F5578CE0A9-4857-0000022580AA7834_zps24becad0.jpg

1) First, draw out the rough outline on the back of the sticker. It’s easy as pie even for someone who sucks at arts and crafts. Well, it’s fine to go too little or too much because you can always snip off the extra or add on an extra piece. It’s not an exact art 😀

 photo 10F10EBF-9884-4117-B54D-A8BFD543DF73-4857-000002258FEC5A05_zps2a096d63.jpg

3) The back piece all cut out!

 photo 8856262B-7712-4D7B-AFE7-5E7BBF968C85-4857-000002258B4A3C94_zpsf8aab787.jpg

4) Cut out the camera hole. As you can see there is some space along the edge! Just stick on a small 1mm wide piece to cover it up!

 photo 2674E889-4455-4A5A-9A9A-C3E20F8CEBC5-4857-00000225949758EC_zps2df1b554.jpg

5) As said scrap piece used to patch up the bare areas.

 photo 225A144C-81DF-4810-AF04-F1F5A520F5EF-4857-0000022598D90CBE_zps0b015708.jpg

6) Don’t forget that small strip of plastic that you face when you aim your phone towards you! Don’t neglect that or it will be very ugly.

 photo EE970481-0034-4256-AE91-1CFA93772CA3-4857-00000225A0059F0E_zps1f8ff5ba.jpg

7)All done!

 photo 0CE74776-F0DC-4813-BB68-524C2352053F-4857-00000225A5070B58_zpsab9b2555.jpg

 photo 293131CA-F3A1-46D2-B85A-025F2888822C-4857-00000225AA29934E_zpsbdfabd04.jpg

Some other things I’ve decorated before is my calculator 😀 It’s been pink and furry for as long as I can remember (3-4 years??)

 photo 2E06BC39-CE3D-48A5-9C1E-B7A321288879-4857-000002276F6CB616_zpsd0ddf04e.jpg

 photo 531AA7C9-36DA-4FF0-8697-89271E0FBE51-4857-00000229C3E33742_zps954fab7b.jpg

Have fun decorating, everyone! 🙂 FYI, these stickers are about 3 ringgit for an A4 size and 1.50 for a notebook size 🙂

And these stickers are peel-able, but they’re stickier than hell and would probably be really hard to tear off. Have never tried though!



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