Some musings

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

There must be truth to what Xiaxue said in Pysche of A Plastic.

She stated that when an ugly girl gets plastic surgery no one really bothers. But when a pretty girl gets it everyone starts insulting the said girl.

I must admit I was shocked when I heard that Qiuqiu was getting a nose job. Precisely because her old nose was wonderful the way it is. When XX got her nose job, I understood, cause her old nose was really ugly. But Qiu? And some more, I don’t get the feeling that Qiu hated her old nose. But she just jumped on the PS bandwagon. Well, I admire that she just wants to upgrade herself higher and higher but since she didn’t hate her old nose in the first place I just think it’s a little dangerous because there are so many risks of extrusion and so on to her nose and it could turn out her new nose is much worse than her old, pretty nose.

But then again, it is her choice. Lol.

It is precisely 5 more days till I am back in KL and life resumes. I hope I won’t be too awkward and damaged by isolation by then. I would really like to find some good friends this year. Like best friend-worthy friends.



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