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I hate people who are stupid. “Stupid” is just another word for lazy. I hate people who don’t ever give a fuck about trying hard to get what they want in life.

I hate people who have no goals in life and don’t know what they want. They live day from day without anything concrete in the future to aim for. Worse is, I hate people who claim that they are happy to lead a simple life and they are content with daily blessings because AIM BIG, don’t be satisfied with such a meaningless existence.

I’d rather people are unhappy with their horrible lives and unsatisfactory jobs and strive to improve than be content with being stuck in a dreamless nutshell full of “simple pleasures”.

Maybe I judge too much but life is short. Different people might want different things, true, but what person aims for just a simple happy life and nothing more? People who say life is more than riches, fame and career and it could be just simple pleasures like living in a hut and drinking well water and planting your own crops.

Those are the kind of people I hate.

I guess if the world was completely full of driven people there wouldn’t be a social hierarchy.

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Posted: December 14, 2011 in Angry in the Rain

Dipped into my childhood angpao fund and drained it few months ago. Spent up all my incentive money, spent 1k buying a new phone. Now having to dip into my last resources, then i’ll be truly broke in the world. i have 4 bank accounts, all of them like freaking drained. Now having to cash in my BSN cash slips which were my PMR and UPSR incentives from the government. Life sucks when you’re broke. I wouldn’t mind having a one night stand with some rich apek now come to think of it. Fml

I Know

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Angry in the Rain

I wonder what it is about me that prevents others from forming attachments to me. It’s like there’s some huge barrier around me.

I mean, sure I’m friendly. People talk to me, laugh, hang out, but ultimately, when it comes to choosing a lab partner or taking BFF shots or so on, they don’t call me. I’m always “the friend” never the best friend.

I think it’s partly my own doing. I dislike doing anything clingy or cheesy. I don’t know why. I never make the effort to send a text ( wanna go for lunch?) when I do I feel desperate and annoying and so on so I don’t. I wait for people to ask me, and when they don’t I just slink away. No wonder I don’t have any real attachments. I don’t commit to anything, not even a fucking friendship.

Some days I wish I was more normal.

You can say I’m an airhead or whatsoever, but I am SPUNKY.

I seriously dislike people with little personality or who is really, really dull. For example, those quiet people with no opinions of their own and every time you want to ask them something they’ll be like duno never thought about it.

At least I can hold an intellectually stimulating conversation.

I used to devour encyclopedias like water when I was 11-15. I literally borrowed 20 books a week from 3 libraries and spent all my time reading till I finished most of the books and stopped. I know more than you, dickhead. I have more general knowledge than you ever will have. I can tell you anything from how Jupiter’s moons are special to how elevators work to naming Renaissance artists or how the brain works. And I could have told you wayyy before I was even learning History or Biology. my 12-year-old self knew more than you now. And just for your info, I can still remember my History from Form 1 to 5 even though maybe not as much as you but I at least comprehend world history.

Sheesh. Can’t stand people like this. Feeling pissed and stressed now.