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May I present to you….. One of the star finds of 2012!

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This must be by far one of the best eyeliners every! I haven’t owned many, but a lot of them were flukes.

I owned a Face of Australia eyeliner, and it was one of the blackest eyeliners I’d ever owned. I own a few other liquids but they were all suckish, they’d fade to an ugly gray in a matter of hours. My Essence gel liner is okay as well but of course it’s not as precise as a liquid eyeliner.

Before this, I’d tried out some rather expensive eyeliners (for me) like Clio Kill Black (because my shop sells Clio) and Dolly Wink.

They were really good eyeliners, they stayed on and was black and easy to use. But I can’t justify paying 60 bucks for an eyeliner especially that I’ve seen how fast the Clio dries up. Not only that, it is a felt tip liner and not a brush liner (as in composed of tiny bristles like a brush) and after a while of use the felt tip gets kind of wonky (like a whiteboard marker’s tip gets kinda soft and bends downwards) and it gets rough and hurts your eyelid.

I was recommended by a colleague to try the Maybelline Hyper Sharp as she claimed she goes clubbing and it still won’t budge! So I went ahead and purchased one for only RM 19.80! 

I must say it is an AMAZING eyeliner and I’ve recommended it to my makeup artist colleague and she’s happily purchased 2 since then!

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It has a very slim brush tip that is soft and will never be rough against your eyelids. The ink flowed perfectly from the first time I bought it (compared to a shitty Revlon Colorstay eyeliner I bought that was a felt tip and it was gray and the ink would never come out and if it did, it was in splotches. I bought it for 28 bucks ON SALE because I thought Revlon would be a good brand. It isn’t. It is like a ballpoint pen that just stubbornly won’t work no matter what you do.)

It is very easy to use. The tip is quite soft and flimsy but in a good way, but if you’re inexperienced or have shaky hands, it might be hard for you because the tip is so soft that if you bend your hand in a weird way the tip will also bend and yea you get an uneven line. But I use it to get into hard to reach corners and also to tightline and I LOVE IT! Mainly because I believe in super fine eyeliner and I never go for thick eyeliner.

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Please don’t judge my face, LOL. Look at my eyes! 🙂

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And another close up shot. Some wonkiness occured but it isn’t too bad. I have very rough wrinkled eyelids with many small “dots” on them so whenever I use eyeliner it spreads among the lines and dots on my eye but I think only I have this type of problem. Look how tight the line is 😀

And look at my mole. It used to be a pimple, and it turned into a mole. WTF I was like “Moles popping up means skin cancer” but Mum dismissed me and wouldn’t even look at it.

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Swatches of the eyeliner. It’s not a comparison, just two fun swatches to let you see how an eyeliner SHOULD perform. If only all eyeliners are like this ! But they aren’t, some are horribly expensive and sucks to high heavens and everytime I buy an eyeliner I’m so worried because I’m a cheapskate and I do not want s sub-standard product .

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Best of all is the STAYING POWER! This baby will not smudge or fade throughout the day! It might go a little light at the tail ends, but it stays on strong. One thing I notice about pencils or liquids is that the portion closest to the lash line where you tightline it, disappears at the end of the day even though the upper line stays strong. SO by the end of the day, you look like you put on eyeliner without tightlining and there’s a huge gap of flesh where the eyeliner disappeared probably because that part of the eye is the wettest.

But it doesn’t happen with this baby! And my eyelids are so oily that I can vouch that this is AMAZEBALLS in terms of staying power. Even in the pool or at the beach or in the shower. I did a mask with the eyeliner on (forgot to remove) and it didn’t come off. With water and rubbing, it only flakes marginally (no smudging, just flaking). Maybe not as strong as Clio or Kate, but then no way you will even rub your eye half as hard as I have to try to remove it.

So let me rate this:

Intensity: 4/5 (It’s black enough actually and you can layer on to make it blacker!)

Ease of Use: 4.5/5 (Soft and flexible tip for maneuvering into the deep corners!)

Drying time : 4/5  (Dries faster than a puddle of water in the Sahara)

Staying power: 4.5/5 (Slept overnight in it, went swimming in it because I kiasu must have eyeliner on even in the pool, and it stayed!)

Packaging: Don’t know how to rate, like that lor. No problems with it so 4/5

Price: 5/5 (Everyone can afford 20 bucks on this man! It’s wunderkind! and I’ve used it for 3 months, haven’t dried on me yet, though it has for my colleague because she draws on very thick eyeliner, like an inch high.)

It’s easy for touch-ups, I keep it in my bag for anything, and I love that no matter how I store it, ink is also running smoothly. Dolly Wink’s eyeliner doesn’t flow right unless you’ve kept in upside down for a time.

So that’s all, thanks for reading, and let me know if this eyeliner worked for you!

All pictures taken on the iPhone 5


Today I’m going to review a new (and my first) bronzer from ELF!

So I’m gonna be super hardworking and do a long review!

So ELF stands for Eye Lips Face and it’s like the US version of Silkygirl. Dirt cheap all the products are like $1 to $5 tops LOL. Seriously the Americans have such a high purchasing power. I got it from a shop on Facebook.

So what is a bronzer? It is basically something warm-toned that you put on your face lol to give yourself a tan, healthy look. Not tan exactly, just a little sun-kissed and not gilababi vampire pale. They’re normally golden.

I got the ELF Studio Cool Bronzer because the shade suit my fair skin. There are two other variations, the Golden Bronzer and the Warm Bronzer. They are both too dark and have shimmer. The Cool is matte (yay!). Shimmer gives a nice glow but it’s not good for a natural look and anyways the Cool one is good because I use it for contouring too because it’s matte!

Decription for ELF Cool Bronzer: Create a healthy looking glow all year round! The sheer soft powders provide the perfect hue of color. Blend all 4 colors together to achieve a blend of perfection or choose your favorite color or colors to mix, match and blend.


My package ! It turned out the seller was from Kuching FML just nearby my house haha the postman was like “WTF ini amoi tinggal dekat kenapa nak guna pos? Apa macam ini.”


Step-by-step unboxing haha cause I like unwrapping packages.


Bubble wrap! 🙂


Awkward picture of me unwrapping the bubble wrap ^^



Front and back.


Close-up on ingredients and instructions.


Love the packaging. Very professional and solid.


You can see my Lumix ZR3.


Close up of shades: I use the pinkish one as blush, the light brown for contour and the white as highlight. And all 4 for bronzer.



My face looks more hollow and cheekbones more defined as you can see 🙂 (No lens so close my eyes haha)


Before picture. This camera doesn’t show the bronzing effect much, but I’d show you the contouring. Now remember, I’m only a beginner.


Yay slimmer nose.


My nose contour 🙂



Okay honestly it is a little dark in real life (the contour) but it looks wonderful in pictures! Maybe I should mix the brown with the white  to make it lighter.



Some other pictures with my eyebrows drawn. You can see how my cheekbones are more defined. And didn’t contour my nose HAHA I LOOK LIKE VOLDEMORT.

Personally I love this bronzer! It gives me a beautiful, healthy glow instead of the obvious fake BB-creamed fairness and evenness. It doesn’t make me look tanned, but it just gives me such a glow that I keep staring at my own face. You have to see it in real life! I’m not making it up, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. I feel that without bronzer my face is just 2D because I use BB cream and I’m fair and maybe some blusher that’s all. With bronzer, my face is smaller, and glowy and my cheekbones are more defined. I love makeup.

Some iPod pictures that shows the glow (all from Instagram):

As you can see my face looks very glowing ahah especially the shadowy side.

I give the ELF Bronzer a 4.5/5 rating. It’s awesome except I wish it came with a brush because my brush is super big and I don’t want to bring it around and also it’s 3USD converted to Ringgit should be 12 right but I paid RM35 including postage for this 😦

Now some unrelated stuffs:

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! I love you so much Daddy that this picture of me so ugly also I post. He’s my hero! He actually cooked himself his own Father’s Day dinner LOLOL instead of going out to eat like normal.


High-low skirt I tried on. Surprisingly I look okay I thought it’d make me look short/weird.



More unrelated:

The Secret works!! I got a job opportunity which is really worth it because I kept using the Secret to attract money into my life! I’m so grateful!! Now I can shop more!!

Shall review my new Etude House Eyebrow Liner later!

Shopping Overload!

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Rainy Reviews

I am very broke and I haven’t yet started working so for now I’m just gonna spend till I’m dry. I’ve recently become engrossed in online shopping and I am seriously screwed with how I’m spending so much 😦

On the bright side in a few days when my packages arrive I’ll have a lot of new products! 🙂 And since I’m so bored I’m going to do a lot of reviews for you all!

Some of my new (and soon-to-be) products are:

  • Essence 3 in 1 Concealer
  • E.L.F. Studio Cool Bronzer which I just ordered online! 😀 (excited to use it for contouring, bronzing, blushing and also eyeshadow *creative*)
  • Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream
  • Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Makeup Base
  • A new eyebrow pencil (haven’t decided!)
  • New makeup brushes!
  • New 3 tone lenses ( I don’t wear those with limbal ring anymore, I think I’m too old for that)

And I got this beautiful shade of pink nail polish from Elianto for my Graduation Night, but it is pretty much the prettiest colour ever, I fall in love everytime I look at my hand 🙂

In love!

My baby pink nails 🙂

Random LoveBooth picture! 🙂

All pictures from Ipod, sorry for the bad quality. Will use the Lumix for the next review 🙂


Posted: March 18, 2012 in Rainy Reviews

It’s that time to get new lenses again! I’m not sure which to get. I’ve never had green lenses in my life, but I’ve always wanted to retry another pair of blue. I think the msot comfy pair of lenses I’ve ever had would be my Dueba Dreamy Grey, I might try that in blue!And my favourite ever colours are the Dueba Puffy 3 tone Blue and Grey! They were my fave colours because I love eye popping colours but I think these big sizes dry my eyes a lot especially the Hanabi Grey I currently have.



The blue is really bright and eye popping but the grey is a lovely and natural shade to the point where I had foreigners coming to me telling me I have gorgeous eye colour! But maybe I should stick to safe colours like brown or other dark colours. Being more mature maybe it’s not wise to use really big or bright lenses. 

This is my first ever pair of lenses, the Geo Nudy Blue. Maybe I’ll get it again, look how pretty it is


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Today I’d like to blog something interesting! Well interesting for me la. My shoes! I have a few favourite pairs and each pair has a story. I can never turn away from a shoe shop and I am definitely more of a shoe person despite the fact that I wear a size 3 and more often than not I have to put back a gorgeous pair because I can’t fit. I don’t know if I had bigger feet, I would already be long bankrupt buying shoes or I love them so much more because it’s so hard to find the right pair! I usually can’t buy from any brands except Vincci and thus I have to scour little boutiques and random shops.

I used to wear sneakers with all the camouflage prints and so on in the dark past, and proceeded to wearing one single pair of flats for 2 years. In my primary school years I only wore slip on clogs similar to Crocs but made of colourful canvas and so on. =___=



I got these gladiator sandals for really cheap st SOS 🙂 now they’re a bit worn and soon I’m gonna throw them out. But they served me well for over 6 months!

I have worn this less than twice. Like once yeah. It’s adorable and all but I can’t find an occasion to wear this hahahaha. It costed 10 SGD! Got it in Singapore last year. I like that it’s so furry but it is undeniably ah lian.

Got this as a gift few years back. Size 3 Converse. It was rarely worn because it was a little tight but I’ve taken to wearing it now because it’s my only Converse.



This pair looks ratty already 😦 I got this in Form 4! Loved it. Fake suede and all classy but now it’s a bit worse for wear and I don’t really wear it anymore. Still like it though.



Got these flats (that fit!) at FOS. Wear them as much as my poor heels can allow them. The chafe my heels a lot.


My first pair of high heels! Got this for the 125th dinner in 2010. It’s my first really high pair *tears

        Got this recently, around end of last year. Cheap for platform Mary Janes. Love them! They don’t hurt at all (as in no chafing). Bought it at Offline at Pyramid 🙂

Got this in 2011. They’re okay but I wish they were higher. I can only wear zipped wedges because my feet are too small. And there’ll be a gap at the back. Zipped up ones can hide the extra space.

Got these flats in Singapore last year but never worn also because they hurt like a bitch plus is a little loose haha but they’re cute and sequinny so I just want to place it in my list of fave shoes! Especially now that sequinns are in!

Oxfords I got in SG last year too. Still wear them but can’t wear without socks unless wana stink up the room kind.


My first blue shoes! 🙂 Size 3 from Vincci. They looked blah but it looks good on my feet!




New sandals 🙂 Size 3 too!

Rubi flats on sale! Bet everyone has them though.

So, I had to say goodbye to one of my favourite lenses a few days ago. They were like 11 months old, and I was still using them (I know, i know). But they still felt fine!! But yeah, my new ones arrived so I agreed to never use it again. I still keep it though. It was super comfy lens, and I got it for free last year.


Goodbye, my lens. They look so green here!



sorry for the messy bed.

I’m sorry I’m ugly FML.


No flash. Indoor light.

blue from reflection x)

Flash to the max.

I look scary OMG.

Hahahaha are you dead from horror by now.

tried to heighten my nose bridge. fail.



trying to be pretty and failing SORRY. NO MAKEUP.

this one lighting edited so lens looks darker.

comparison for enlargement.

Comfort: 10/10. This is my most comfy lens, I can put them in anytime and they wouldn’t even sting. Usually it stings when I put on lens right after waking up but this is really comfortable.

Enlargement: 9/10. It’s enlarging but not too much. My Puffy Blue is wayy bigger but then this one is a darker colour.

Color: 7/10 it’s dark and not so obvious, but shiny and dolly. and it doesn’t look black, it looks mysteriously another shade in real life. people will know it’s coloured, trust me.

Overall: 8/10. I miss this lens already!

Sorry for the pimples! Hope this was a useful post!

P.S. If you’d like my password for some posts, you can contact me on the third tab below my header 🙂

Do you like my new blog layout? I used xiuxiu meitu because I am IT-challenged person and don’t understand what is a layer in Photoshop.

Today I felt better. Went shopping, bought a top, and a lot of stationery. I felt a little ouch when I saw some lovey dovey posts on Facebook, boyfriends waiting for their girlfriends to fall asleep on the phone before saying goodnight. That happiness when I hang up after a phone call of I love you’s or after coming home from a particularly happy date, that warm fuzziness as I remember all the hugs and cuddles. Or us cooking for each other and washing each other’s hair. Ahhhh. Even though obviously he doesn’t think about me anymore, but I do miss some of our moments. I avoid his friends’ profiles also because.. Yeah. Hurts to see his name.

Anyhow, today I shall talk about something that has probably changed my life.. Contact lenses. Not camera lenses la.

Now you all probably think I am just exaggerating, but it’s true. A few years ago, I was so awkward. And shy and ugly feeling. I was ugly in every respect, really. And I think I missed out so much on life, because of the simple fact that I refused to wear glasses. When I wore them, I couldn’t even speak to people without looking down. My eyesight got worse. I did not want to be one of those people confined to specs their whole life. (sorry to offend) and everything was such a blur in life. I missed out on scenery, and everything else, BOYS. In class I would put them on for 2 seconds when no one was looking, copy a few words, then quickly take them off.

Yea, I’ve always been self conscious. Being ugly just bothers me, ok? Ugly people bother me too so yeahhh. I get annoyed when there’s someone who can be stunning if she tried but she doesn’t. Makes me want to give her a makeover. No girls are ugly.. Only lazy. I’m not advocating anyone to put on a ton of makeup la. I don’t even do that because me skin is OK. I only use blusher because I’m too pale that’s all.

But the thing about natural beauty.. If you’re not naturally beautiful, then you have to fake it. Being artificially beautiful is better than being naturally ugly.

Anyhow, putting them on made me able to look around and see the world, say hi to people I know, actually recognise stuff. Yes, my eyesight is that bad. And I can talk to people and smile because I know my lenses are awesome.

My natural eyes are hideous, so don’t say I am hiding myself under lenses.

And as for the myth that they damage your eyes, well, it’s been wonderful for me. So yea. No pain, no infections. Comfortable, cheap and good.

I urge you all with ugly beady eyes to get your lenses now!


a super scary picture of me with only one lens… OK MINDFREAK?

one of the results of my xiu xiu meitu addiction.. my boobs are blurred here.


Disclaimer: All eyes are unedited. Yea my eyes are this NATURALLY PRETTY because of my Dueba Puffy 3 Tones Blue lenses.